Ian Lyall Training offers a comprehensive range of development programs ranging from entry level to advanced levels of sales mastery. 


Our programs are always tailored to the market, industry sector, competitive environment and based on the products and services that you sell. 


Programs range from 2 hour master classes that can be flexibly delivered through to 1 or several day programs such as sales boot-camps or kick off events. 



Design and delivery of bespoke projects in many countries, cultural settings and industry sectors.


Projects range from small to large (e.g.; Sales Universities), sales skill master classes, induction programs, high potential development programs, sales manager and leadership programs.

Needs analysis and design always factors in evaluation and measurable results as per Kirkpatrick model. 



Ian Lyall Training works with clients in a broad range of industries. 

These include Retail/FMCG, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, IT, Professional Services, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical. We've also worked with several Government departments at Federal, State or local level.

We work wherever our clients are and have delivered programs in Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America.




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